Below is a summary of the most important activities and the results achieved

1. Setting of colloidal silver technology (SK) in a way allowing for one-year spraying of the vineyard in the simplest possible way.

The result: a 20-fold increase in vineyard productivity by restoring the biological life of the soil

2. Foliar dosing of Astvit manure.

The effect: participation in the restoration of the nominal yield of the vine

3. Measurement of habitat parameters (sums of active GDDC temperatures, average length of vegetation season)

The effect: help in choosing the optimal grape varieties

4. Impact of environmental accumulation on habitat parameters – conclusions from measurements of habitat parameters in two vineyard locations.

The effect: increasing the GDCC by about 15-20%

5. Definition and elimination of varieties hardly resistant to herbicide odor drift.

The effect: solving the problem of “herbicide from a neighbor”.


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