In my life I am looking for the truth, because “only the truth is interesting” (Józef Mackiewicz). Art is the search for the truth. By the way, the production of good wine is considered to be art.

People who discovered something in front of me or moved are important to me and I am grateful to them for that. They are worth promoting.

Feliks Konieczny

A dead genius historian and historiosophist, a theatre critic, as well as a librarian and journalist, the creator of the original concept of civilization. The central concept of Koneczny’s theory of civilization is Quincunx, i.e. the pentomial of being. These five categories of being:
• in the spiritual sphere it is good and truth,
• in the physical sphere it is health and well-being,
• beauty – connects the issues of spirit and body.
Normal development of civilization and culture requires equal consideration of the physical and spiritual spheres.

Worth mentioning is the interestingly written book “History of Poland told for youth” not only for young people.

Zofia Kossak Szczucka

A dead, excellent novelist, co-founder of two secret organizations in occupied Poland: the Polish Rebirth Front and the Council of Aid to Jews “Żegota”.

In communistic Poland in 1951, all her works were censored and were subject to immediate withdrawal from libraries. Among others for the “Decalogue of the Pole”.

Marek J. Chodakiewicz

A well-known historian, a scientist from the USA, known to me from the Internet for many years. He pointed to the need to create an “elite of action” in Poland. It is him who breaks Polish-Jewish relations. Great Pole.

“Poland for Poles” is a book about Polish nationalists. Who they were and they are. What determines being a Pole?

Ewa Kurek

“Poles and Jews: problems with history” – a book that is worth having at home. The author documents the truth in the relations between Poles and Jews.

Ewa Polak-Pałkiewicz

He beautifully reads the spirit of Polishness. What a lovely prose. “Back of Lord’s Polish” is about right responsible Poles. It allows us to understand what our spiritual greatness was.

Piotr Glas

Priest, exorcist practicing in England who in conversation with editor Tomasz P. Terlikowski in the book “The Decalogue the true way in times of confusion” gived me chance to understand what evil is.

Leszek Żebrowski

An excellent publicist. Great presentations on You Tube. His book “Brygada Świętokrzyska NSZ” full of historical documents and photos breaks the long-standing communist propaganda.

Stanisław Andrzej Michalkiewicz

Lawyer, academic teacher, essayist, journalist, politician and author of books on socio-political issues. Publicist on You Tube.

Witold Gadowski

An extraordinary rich personality with a broad spectrum of activity, including a publicist on You Tube

Grzegorz Michał Braun

Director of documentary films, academic teacher and publicist, among others, at YT. Initiated in 2015 by him, Pobudka is an organization whose goal is to implement a program for freedom, security, and spiritual, intellectual and material emancipation of Poles. I used the Pobudka motto in my Elite Action P

Robert Frost

Robert Frost was educated at the universities in St Andrews, Kraków and London. Since 2004 he has been the head of history at Aberdeen in Great Britain.

His book The Oxford History of the Polish-Lithuanian Union tells about the formation of a consensus-based, multinational and pluralist religious country that was built both from the bottom up and top down, through peaceful negotiations, not war and conquest.

For three hundred years, the greatest power of Eastern Europe was the state created as a result of the union of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It is worth remembering.

Krzysztof Karoń

Krzysztof Karoń is a great mind, which explains the communicative complexities of contemporary reality, hence its great popularity on the Internet.

From the description of his book “Historia antykultury” in we read:

… “The first honest history of the dominant modern ideology – libertarian Marxism.

ANTI-CULTURE is an ideological trend, the purpose of which is to deprive people of the ethos of work, identity and social ties and withdraw humanity to the level of pre-cultural primary community. It is based on Marxism – an ideology formulated in the 19th century by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, which as a result of subsequent revisions took on the contemporary form of critical theory and gender ideology … “

Doctor, diethetic

Ewa Dąbrowska

Doctor of medicine – author of a low-calorie diet, thanks to which I got rid of health problems without medication.

Graphic designer

Karolina Banachowicz

A graphic designer. The author of my logo. She is currently living and working in France.


Małgorzata Wysocka

She paints, raises Polish lowland sheepdogs and runs with her husband an organic farm in the Knyszyńska Forest. She mainly paints in pastel. I like her playings with the light.

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