1. 3309 C
2. 420A
3. Riparia gloria
4. 101-14

Characteristics of the rootstocks:

Rootstock  Resistance to  chalk/ limestone [%] Strength of growth Effect on the vegetative cycle Notes
3309 C to 10 Weak (to Medium) Advancing Rootstock with a regular fruitfulness and advances maturation.
Sensitive to nematodes.
420A to 40 Weak (to Medium) Advancing It is used more and more for the production of high-class wines, in particular in Burgundy.
Riparia Gloire to 5 Weak Advancing Rootstock with low vigour, not for chalk/limestone. For vines with high density of planting; early maturation, mainly used for the production of top-of-range wines.
101-14 to 10 Weak Widely used in USA. More vigorous than 3309C when planted in fertile soil with ample water.


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