If Christian is an ignoramus, he is bawdy

– Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

Poland will be Catholic or it will not be at all

– Feliks Koneczny

“God bless you” is a typical greetings in Silesia. I am from this region of Poland and faith is important to me. That is why the password: God, Honor and Fatherland is valid to me. In 2006, in Dosłońce, about 40 km from Kraków, I built a house and planted the first vine bushes. I decided to settle here in this place fascinated by the Tuscan landscape of the Miechów Upland and the soil as in Champagne. The development of the village, on the land where I settled a few years ago, became close to me.    

For me, it means:

  • The winemaker with an experimental vineyard on the southern slope in the Racławice commune, which has been experimenting with soil and wine for several years.
  • a former designer of boilers from Silesia and a biogas plant precursor in Poland

With me you will feel like in old Poland. Guest in the house it means God in the house. I especially warmly invite those who like beauty, experiments and development. I would like to share my experience with a glass of wine.


My vineyard is experimental from the beginning. Thinking about the development of the vineyard, I had to solve a problems and remove obstacles. By the way, innovations have been generated. I will gladly share with them, hoping that they will contribute to the development of wine-making and the commune. For me, cooperation is more important than competition.

I planted the first cuttings of the vine on a completely demineralised soil, which meant 0% humus, starting at a depth of 0-20 cm. This was the most serious problem to be solved. Today, ha production, which was still 20 times lower than the average three years ago, is finally normal.

Here I defined the habitat parameters and looked for ways to “tweak” its.

It is here that I experienced the drifts of herbicide smells from neighbours.

Currently, I am interested in the subject of viticulture completely without chemistry. Is it possible? I am optimistic.

The key problem is the law, which limits the development of winemaking in Poland. According to me, it cannot be treated with the same measure of beginners, cultivating vines on the surface of <1.0 ha and multi-hectare growers. These small ones could develop if they could legally sell wine without fiscal burdens and tax bills during the visits of tourists on the farm.

I am equally interested in the Miechów region, for which the most concise characteristic is the wealth of land, history and weapons. It’s worth knowing.

Currently, I am looking for understanding of the government for biogas plants powered by liquid manure, which are profitable for the investor-farmer as part of the excellent government program “Energy-plus”.

In all wine and commune development activities, I will use the principle known in Poland nothing about us without us.


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