Natural coverings from the cold northern and eastern winds have been added to my vineyard with a willow belt from the west.

Thanks to this, it can be considered that the vineyard is located in the so-called “warm zone” on the south-western slope, with an average slope of 15°, at a height just below 350 m above sea level.

This is confirmed by the following parameters: GDDC and active days in the year, measured using two Efento logger devices from Kraków.

GDDC up [°C] 2016 1362 2017 1221 2018 1629
GDDC down [°C] 1402 1250 1605
Active days up 169 173 200
Active days down 167 181 205

As you can see, the season 2018 was unusual. If you count GDDC until the time of grape harvest in September, then parameters would be, respectively, less ie: GDDC ~ 1500 and active days ~ 175. It’s still a lot.

Without information on the actual GDDC / SAT values and active days, it is difficult to make a decision on the vine species in a particular vineyard.

In addition, any change in the heat accumulation of the vineyard or cover can be assessed for the impact on the conditions in the habitat.


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